Offshore supply physicals

Can anyone speak about what the offshore supply companies are doing for pre employment physicals? Specifically in the cardiovascular area. Is there anything more than blood pressure and heart rate?

I would imagine meds prescribed, and a really elevated BP would signal stress tests and more. Most of the companies have you do a physical test involving lifting various weights in a milk crate and going up stairs and ladders, then measuring your blood pressure. Unless you are knocking on heaven’s door, I wouldn’t worry too much. There are some very overweight and unhealthy mariners managing to pass.
TIP. - Don’t quit your current job until you do pass the physical! Just in case! lol


Some companies will do an ECG as part of their pre-employment physical.

Is an ECG an electrocardiogram (similar to an EKG) or an echocardiogram (similar to an ultrasound of the heart) thanks


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