Fight the "Buddy System" restrictions

All the Brother and Sister Mariners from MSC that see this:
The fight is on to rescind the Buddy System MOU and restrictions signed by SIU and MSC last December. A situation on the Robert E Peary has opened it up again and we have a chance to dump the whole shameful thing. Email me and watch your email boxes. The Fat Man and others are Shouting Out Loud.

I am about to start at MSC so what is the buddy system

I had to put up with the buddy system in the Navy, it sucks!!!. I’m an adult now and I am capable of taking care of myself. MSC crews are too small to find someone who wants to do exactly what you want, especially if you are female.

I am a Due paying brother. so im down. private msg sent.:cool:

where does the buddy system apply?

Norfolk, VA

Before I run off a letter to Obama on this; what actually has happened? By what I’ve seen here you need a buddy to go ashore in Norfolk? Sounds like a misunderstanding. I could have trouble. Due to my awful personality, nobody will go ashore with me so I stay aboard and enjoy our vast library.

[B]Doesn’t not being able to go ashore because you can’t find a buddy to go with you constitute being restricted to ship? When I was with the SIU when you were restricted to ship, you got overtime for all your offwatch hours…[/B]

Hello all, as an MSC CIVILIAN (notice I used caps for civilian) mariner I got to tell everyone here that MSC is trying to place us more and more under Navy type discpline and control. This buddy system thing I find absolutely rediculous because the people that I have seen who need the buddy system are our young sailors and marines who have probably never been away from home and going ashore then getting themselves into all kinds of problems. I have never once seen a CIVMAR get into trouble because for the most part we are adults and usually been around a little it. And as far as staying in groups when ashore and blending in is absurd because you usually bring attention to yourself when traveling in groups of 3 or more as MSC prefers us to do. Now I believe that if this buddy system sticks, that union (SIU) will go the way of the old NMU. Please be advised that I am not disrespecting in anyway our young war fighters, I am not. But just trying to bring attention to a problem I believe and many others too, that this buddy system should stay a military thing not a civilian issue. Now I am curious does US State Dept, DOD civilians and any other civilian US gov’t agencies implement the buddy system when they are assigned overseas. I believe that other agencies dont do the buddy system.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but was this MSC buddy system stuff successfully defeated?