Favorite maritime movie?


The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.


1)Action in the North Atlantic
2)The Sea Chase


all you bluewaters forgot where the sea is filled from, brown water!!!
what about
Life On The Mississippi
African Queen
Mark Twain


I keep waiting and waiting for them to release “The African Queen” on DVD. No luck so far… I love that movie!


I know they have been said before but here are my 3 favorites…


WIND !!!
thats great! I have not thought about that film in years.


“Black Snake Moan”. It isn’t a maritime movie but I watched it at work and loved it. Who knew Samuel L. Jackson could play the blues the way he does!


Master and commander and U-571 are great!


I just picked up a good movie on the discount rack, Murphy’s War. Also a second to Sand Pebbles and the Life Aquatic.


Life Aquatic is amazing.


Re: “I keep waiting and waiting for them to release “The African Queen” on DVD. No luck so far…”

This is the only thing I found. Weird no one else has it though.


Well I guess this explains it. Should of known with the writing on the cover…

*The African Queen has yet to have a DVD release in the United States. This DVD is the Hong Kong import of the movie. It is playable worldwide. It is the original movie with the original English soundtrack. It has Excellent picture and sound quality.


Mr. Roberts is a classic. Cagney, Fonda, Lemmon.

Master and Commander impressed me on its actual attempts to be as realistic as possible, and maintain O’Brien’s intent.

Can we claim Top Gun as a maritime movie?

Despite the lower budget than Master and Commander, the Hornblower series did an excellent job.

Everyone else has already covered most everything I like.

But there are far more FAIL’s in maritime movies than winners. Recently I saw The Guardian. Good acting, good theme, but the movie was so dang formulaic, I think 1 plot item surprised me…


Not a movie per se, but available on DVD

Around Cape Horn…Irving Johnson in 1929 films a genuine Cape Horn passage on the bark PEKING

this is the real deal!

<p ><img alt="" src=“http://www.longitudebooks.com/images/book_large/PAT68.jpg” />
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Around Cape Horn…Irving Johnson in 1929
One of my favorites! Definitely a must see.


He also wrote a book, with the same tittle, about that voyage.


Just don’t try and pet the dog…


I couldn’t remember the name of Johnson’s movie, thanks!


A clip from Mr. Roberts…
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quote the Captain
"well it’s a stupid rule and we wouldn’t stand for it in the merchant marine…I can tell you that!”
"aaaallright…Whhhhooooo did it…Whhhhhoooo did <span style="font-size: x-small]<span><strong>IT!"</strong></span></span>


The Legend of 1900, absolutley amazing movie starring Tim Roth, born on a passenger liner he spends his entire life on board and becomes the best piano player who ever lived.


Captain’s Couragous!