Favorite maritime movie?

Wondering if I have missed some good movies of the sea. My two favorite are
Captain Ron
Cabin boy

What are yours?

Mr. roberts!

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[b]“Mr. Roberts” is a classic! Here’s a few more:
Master and Commander
Sink the Bismarck
“Das Boot”
Captain’s Courageous
They Were Expendable
The Enemy Below
Hunt for Red October
“Men of Honor”

I saw a more or less documentary called “Around Cape Horn” Old b/w footage of one of the last sailing merchant ships to go around the Cape. Anybody else see this? VERY INTERESTING!

The Great Ships” series from the History Channel, and “Sea Hunt” series always get alot of play in our crew lounge.

;I dont care to much for “The Perfect Storm” I cant help but laugh at the part in the movie where George Clooney marks the storm path with a PERMANENT MARKER! He sealed their fate right there! Haha!

Titanic” deserves mention I guess.

Loved [The Hunt for Red October](http://amzn.to/2hhHy54) and here’s another that I love, I hope you won’t mind me adding series to this thread, but my favorite, above any maritime movie is the The Young Hornblower series.

Well if we’re getting into tv shows then nothing beats the musical score of Victory At Sea! (only joking)<br><br>Why haven’t there been any non-navy movies of the modern merchant marine?

Because no ones interested in watching you chip paint for 2 hours!

In Harm’s Way - John Wayne, Patricia Neal
The Caine Mutiny - Bogie
The Sand Pebbles - Steve
Away All Boats

how about SPEED 2 !<br><br>island mariner…with Capt.Sandra Bullock !<br>

Mutiny on the Bounty
Dead Calm
Poseidon Adventure
there’s also one with the Exxon Valdez

The Deep
The Abyss
On TV:
McHales Navy
South Park episodes:
Season One episode Four
Season Six episode Four
Gilligan’s Island

Waterworld is one of my favorites.

I can speak for anchorman…Titanic is his favorite…He gets teary eyed everytime it comes up or whenever he hears the song “The wind beneath my Wings”!

Having vivid dreams again? I told you about that hormone medication.<br><br>Waterworld? That was one of the biggest bombs in history. I guess you like the guys wearing leather chaps riding on jet skis. The picture is getting clearer now.

They were called SMOKERS…get it right.

The wind beneath my wings??? Lee,… get it right, the song is “My Heart Will Go On, by Celene Dion”. It surprises me that you didn’t know this given that you own her box set.

Yes Lee, We know that…we also know you’re not talking about cigarettes.

Captain Lee, what does waterworld have to do with boats? I’ve never heard of it.

My favorite movie is Captain Ron! (I didn’t care to much for Titanic).

Hey, swab. Come here.
Listen up. The way it works<br>shipwards is, you do your job.
You do it good, maybe you’ll get promoted from swab to mate. - Sort of an incentive kind of deal.

  • That’s good.
    Yeah, incentives are important. I learned that in rehab.

<P>Aargh- I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I “ACTUALLY” do own the box set of Celine Dion or the fact that you know I have it.</P><br>
<P>MSM- Are you thick? What was Kevin Costner going around on during most of the movie…Ding!!! a BOAT. A trimaran<br></P>

<P>p.s. MSM, don’t live your life in denial. Its OK to let the world know how much you enjoyed watching titanic (2X’s) with anchorman. There is nothing gay about two men watching an emotional movie together.</P>

<br> Capt. Lee said, “There is nothing gay about two men watching an emotional movie together”.<br><br>CASE CLOSED. If anyone still had questions, I think that answered them clearly.<br>