Favorite maritime movie?


Capt. Lee may get teary eye when Leo dies and his lips turn blue. He likes Moby Dick the great white whale. but he really breaks down for the Little Mermaid

Other Movies:
The Sea Wolves
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Blood Alley
Victory at Sea
Down Periscope
Old man and the Sea


If you guys really need a good cry, you should get together and watch “Beaches”


The Cruel Sea
In Which We Serve
Battle of the River Plate
;All good British WW2 Classics!

  1. Captain Ron (obviously)<br><br>2. Popeye with Robin Williams (regardless that his forearms really creeped me out as a kid)<br><br>3. The first Pirates of the Caribbean (Johnny Depp is such a dreamboat!, err. really good actor)<br><br>


Captain’s Courageous, love this movie and the book is a favorite too.<br><br>Operation Pettycoat is a favorite, a little humor for us women sailors<br><br><br>


Argh, how could I have forgotten Waterworld? But I must confess that I like the boat way better than the actor or the character. Very sad moment when it got burned.


The Horatio Hornblower series by the A&E channel is outstanding.


That Hornblower series was great. <br><br>I also like the Treasure Island that was done around 1990 with Charlton Heston as Silver. Lots of pirates, rum and sailing. <br><br>Check out White Squall with Jeff Bridges as a tall ship captain who sinks a ship full of students. True story.


Little late, but I collect nautical movies, so I thought I’d toss my 2 cents in-<br><br><strong>-The A&E Hornblower Series</strong> tops the list. I have all 8 and have watched them 3 times already. If you ain’t seen it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Throw away your ‘Master & Commander’ and get this one. <br>-All 3 <strong>Mutiny on the Bountys</strong>. (1930’s, 1960’s, 1980’s…we’re about due for another one) <br>-For WW2, <strong>Mr Roberts</strong>, <strong>Bedford Inciden</strong><span class="-a " tag="a]t</span> & <strong>Caine Mutiny</strong> can’t be beat. <br><strong>-Iron Island</strong> Not <span style="text-decoration: underline;]quite</span> a ‘nautical movie’, it’s a Iranian film about a bunch of people living on a derelict oil tanker. <br>-The second half of Titanic.<br>-The USS Indianapolis scene from Jaws<br><strong>-Perfect Storm</strong>- If only to see George Clooneys magical wind-proof underwater welding torch once again.


Ditto on the A&E Hornblower series! An outstanding value if you can get your hands on the complete set…




I’ve always liked Crimson Tide. <br><br>I always like the Pirates of the Caribbean series. I cracked up when I caught my self walking like Jack in rough seas after only working offshore for 3 months. <br><br>I hate Perfect Storm. Hollywood focused on the man love story, not the fact that a captain didn’t do his job and protect his crew and vessel from harm.


As far as nautical movies, my favs are captains courageous, which I saw somebody list. The one with spencer tracy.Recently there was a remake of it out on one of the basic cable channels starring Robert Urich but it was sub par…<br><br><br>Another good one, which is kind of a kids movie but is a classic is called Shipwrecked! think it was a disney movie that came out around the late 80s early 90s.<br><br><br>but my ultimate favorite was gregory peck in MOBY DICK. An absolute classic! You have to see the version with gregory peck. Their was a remake of it a few years ago starring Patrick Stewart as Ahab but it was lame.


Das Boot is great but you have to make sure you get the six hour long German subtitled version!


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Debbie does Supply Boats


Its not really a maritime movie, but there is a documentary “Explosion at Ripple Rock”. It is the story behind clearing the south end of Seymore Narrows in the Alaska Inside Passage. It was and still is the largest non-atomic explosion ever. Good stuff…

A slow boat to china


Ditto the “Ripple Rock” film, Cheng. Those Canadians sure are good with high explosives, eh?


I am all over The Cruel Seaas my favorite…a movie that really made the viewer realize the suffering of the mariners fighting the Battle of the Atlantic plus Jack Hawkins to boot!
Another is The Decks Ran Red…not a favorite of mine because the plot is downright ridiculous and it is hard to watch but it contains the best Liberty Ship footage ever filmed!
…the two clips below are lame compared with



I have that movie “Around Cape Horn” and it is one of the most awesome pieces of footage from the days of sail, you can buy it at teh Mystic Seaport, museum, or get it online. That was the days of real sailors. I can’t believe no one mentioned the “African Queen”.
I liked “Waterworld” too, if nothing else for Dennis Hopper’s role.