Fatality in Nome

Does anyone have any information about the tugboat fatality in Nome on July 4th? Capt. Dave Whitemarsh fell overboard while his tug was entering the harbor, and by the time he was recovered he was non-responsive and could not be revived.

Holy fuck! Seriously? I sailed with him back in 2008.

I heard about it as well, not too many details. We weren’t sure if they were tied up or not, but sounded like there was another boat in the area (maybe an assist boat?) Didn’t sound like anyone saw him go into the water, and it took both crews to get him out?

This was widely reported in the press with very scant details: “man dies going overboard tug off Nome coast” on July 4th, but the articles came out on July 15th. All the articles are identical. Otherwise, this has been kept exceptionally quiet.

I expect so there was time to notify the family. Can you imagine his relatives finding out by reading the news?

Yes, but generally just his name would have been kept confidential until next of kin were notified. They were probably notified by the next day. Nothing in the press for 11 days.

Name of tug was not mentioned either, but that’s no secret.

Not much talk about this on the waterfront.

Which boat was it?