Brusco tug Cordova

Just some sketchy details heard third hand: while leaving Cordova AK, a Brusco tug on the Samson run got their wire in a wheel, and the captain fell off the upper deck and died. Rumor has it there was a Western tug in town that transported him to the hospital and assisted the Brusco boat back to the dock. I haven’t been able to find any more information yet online, either in local newspapers or the CG district 17 website. Sad news.

That’s bad news, I was on that run awhile back at this time of year, I hope it wasn’t Spike…

I just took a barge of spike tonight here in Seattle. I haven't heard anything as far as I know. The tug in Cordova to help would most likely be the crystal sea, the Brusco boat would have been the richard brusco I think. if i hear anything I will update.

Sitting on the hook Homer AK. nothing on TV news about it tonight

Sounds like the story is true, the captain was airlifted but never heard if he made it or not. The tug arctic bear was the boat that assisted them.

Sad to say I heard he didn’t. Still no details out though of what happened

The richard brusco is moving again, but still can’t find any other news about what happened

what you heard was right he feel from the upper deck somehow didn’t get any details other than it was a new captain who had worked there as a Mate for awhile.

You folks scared me with this one. I know the regular captain, and I hadn’t heard from him for a bit.

For some reason he checked in today. I was sure relieved!