Reported; Tug Master lost overboard

Initial reports have the tug assisting the barge when in fact it was towing. This update has a bit more info on weather conditions, sea state and water temperatures.

Tough deal. Don’t like it.

This is a bad day for our fleet, he’s one of ours.

I hope they find him. My prayers are with with him and his family.

Sad news…

Yup sad indeed. We lost one of our captains over the winter as well. His boat was TDY up in Providence and must have slipped off the ladder going up to the dock and hit his head on the bulwarks. No one knew until it was to late.

Sad news! I hate to hear this!

Sad indeed. I know that boat…used to talk to Miss Donna in NY Harbor all the time. Prayers are with the Captain,family and crew!

Search was suspended. RIP Capt. O’Leary with fair winds and following seas!

Is this the same man who went to the Matthew after Cliffy, or his son?

Yes, senior’s son.