Report of Signet Tug that Cut Lose a RO/RO Barge

As the Titles says does anyone have more information on a Signet Tug Cutting Lose a RO/RO barge during the Hurricane?

Not sure where but I remember seeing a post on Facebook about this but have not seen it mentioned anywhere else. From what I can remember, they were coming from Puerto Rico but I do not know where they were headed.

My understanding is that Signet has a raised forecastle tug (cannot remember the name) with a pair of 20-645 EMDs that is towing a 550’ RORO barge for a company that might be called something like “trailerBridge” between Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.

I have NOT heard anything about any barge being cut loose.

The Facebook thing I saw sounded like they Lost the tow rather than cut it loose intentionally. Crowley barge basically

If someone lost a tow, that must be reported to the USCG. Then the USCG would issue an urgent marine safety warning. If it happened, it wouldn’t be kept a secret, so I doubt the veracity of this rumor.

We write to provide an update on recent events regarding the effects of Hurricane Joaquin.
The recent voyage of the SAN JUAN-JAX BRIDGE from San Juan, PR to Jacksonville, FL experienced rough seas that forced its tug to part with the barge. We have the precise location of the SAN JUAN-JAX Bridge and will continue to keep close watch on the barge as two tugs assist in its recovery. We will conduct a close visual inspection of the barge and we expect it will continue its journey to Jacksonville within the next few days. We are working hard to minimize service disruptions caused by the hurricane.

Them gulf sleds carry orvall hooks?

the post I saw that’s gone now made it sound like they had a clue, on that run they must have some retrieval hardware. I know the Crowley barges had tons of chain bridle plus a long pendant to snag not sure how much these have.


Hopefully, gcaptain will contact them and do an article about this. Wonder where the USCG is?

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[QUOTE=rshrew;170279]Them gulf sleds carry orvall hooks?[/QUOTE]

On the East Coast, Crowley probably has Orville Hooks, but I doubt if many others do. Resolve must have them.

The Trailer Bridge post does not say if they let the barge go, or if it broke loose.

The post that I saw said that the Tug “Slipped” the wire.

As for the Orville Hooks. My old Company (East Coast and GOM) put them on all of the wire boats in the early 90’s. They took them off once the Barges were Doubled Hulled and towing was not in the picture anymore.

you know herb jones?

My last trip to PR a few months back I passed a Signet tug towing one of Crowley’s RoRo barges. Not sure the name of the boat or if she was headed to Jax or Philly but they are def on the run. I know Crowley had good retrieval gear but now sure about Signet. I was in the CG in the late 90’s and we were on scene when Crowley retrieved a barge by catching the bridle chain with a towed hook.

Think I saw on FB it was the signet thunder

This barge release in the storm is worthy of more news and discussion. I hope someone comes forward with more news.

yes, gcaptain is busy with the el faro but definitely should research this story!

Did they ever reconnect?

I’d like to hear where they slipped the wire, and why, and th wx. I’d like to hear where the barge is now. Who is looking for it. Who picked it up and how.

my guess is the wire broke that tug is 7,500hp or so. You can always go backwards for a few days. They were not towing the massive Crowley barge either just a flat deck to my knowledge

So a typical 400x100 TB barge?

Triple deck trailer barge, similar to the Crowley barges.

[QUOTE=cmakin;170762]Triple deck trailer barge, similar to the Crowley barges.[/QUOTE]

It looks from that photo that they were towing on two (2) tow wires, that is with an emergency Wire already attached. (I see three tight bridle legs in the photo).

Earlier posts state that the wire was slipped (let go). That may or may not be accurate. Maybe the tow wire(s) parted. It would be nice to have an accurate report from the company or USCG.