Tug Crosby Commander Sinks

Just saw this, 1 still missing. Anyone know more?

I hope they find all the Crew and that they are Safe!

What I am pissed at is it’s come time for these companies to start manning these vessels with more than 4 men! I was really hoping that Sub-Chapter M would address this but I guess, money guess it’s like everything else, money talks and B.S. walks!


Been saying it for years. The CG and ABS don’t care about us, just about the money. Companies “lobby” enough, they get their way!

I’ve worked on a sister to that boat. It has 4 bunks. Where are these other guys going to bunk? Hot rack?

I’ll agree that on a long distance tow an extra mate or engineer is helpful but on smaller short haul boats there Is no room.

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Time to build some boats with more than four bunks. Considering the average age of tugboats in the US fleet, it’s not like it isn’t needed anyway.


Four rooms or four bunks?

Are you saying that it only has 4 bunks or for rooms?

I have worked all types of tugs and never came across a boat with that few bunks, maybe a modern tractor tug but not normal boats.

I take back what I said. Now that I think about it it does have 4 rooms. 2 bunks each in the rooms downstrains and one bunk each in the rooms upstairs.

I’ve been on so many different boats they blur together sometimes.

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Overhead radio chatter last night reporting Crosby Commander suffered engine trouble and was run down by her barge…not official mind you, just heard over the airwaves on a working channel.

Will we hear about watertight doors being left open again???

Any word on the missing crew member?

As of 0020 this morning, the USCG is still actively searching. The USCGC VIGILANT is On Scene Commander (OSC) and is standing by on channel 16 VHF if you are passing through the area and can help. There is also an 87’ Patrol Boat in the area and air assets (HC-144) are scheduled for tomorrow. Please remember the lost soul and his family in your prayers if you do that.


Not to start a separate thread for this reminder of tug safety, or lack there off: https://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/address-industry-skills-gap-to-avoid-further-fatal-towage-incidents-warns-nwa/