Fat Leonard is on the run

ocean going carrier/destroyer you mean?

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Considering the shortages of U-haul trucks in California (due to the sheer number of people moving out of state), I’d say his logistics skills haven’t suffered much.

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Go Lenny, goooo!

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I’m a bit conflicted on Fat Leonard’s run. What jail time was he looking at compared to his accomplices in the US Navy? I’m not excusing Fatso but he is small pickings compared to the K Street lobbyists who pay senators for favors.


A man known for corruption, bribes & secrecy couldn’t get through Venezuela without being arrested?


I wonder if VZ will extradite? Of all places to get caught, I’m surprised they didn’t allow him to go on his way.

I’m a little surprised the Venezuelans didn’t let him go just to spite the US.

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The Venezuelans will hang on to him until they want something from the U.S. in exchange. If we imprison an important Venezuelan the Venezuelans can exchange Leonard for him.

They can also pimp him out to the Russians or Chinese. I’ve been listening to the Fat Leonard podcast. Throughout it Leonard keeps boasting of the all the U.S. military secrets he knows, and compromising info on U.S. naval officers. Probably a lot of it is out-of-date and useless. But the Russians/ Chinese won’t know until they get access to them. Pimping Leonard out might bring in a few shekels/favors.


Besides for all that, seeing as the world could use some more non-Russian oil right now AND it would be loads of fun to sever the relationship between Venezuela and Russia, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are making nice on some back-channel.


Also, Leonard is a cash cow. He very likely has millions and million tucked away. The Venezuelan government will furnish him a nice villa–at $100K a month. Don’t want to pay? Next stop, San Diego.

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What were the sentences of the US Navy officers convicted in this scandal?

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Yes, the bribe TAKER is as guilty as the bribe GIVER. (At least according to Singapore Law)

really, whose been charged with the bribing in the Brazilian carwash scandal from Kep Fells and Sembcorp?

This 2019 article is about a corruption case in Brazil. It did involve a subsidiary of Sembcorp.
It was dealt with in Brazilian courts under Brazilian law, not in Singapore.

Here is a bit newer article about the case:

Fat Leonard run his business from Singapore and some of the bribery MAY have taken place in Singapore, in which case those cases should have been dealt with in Singapore courts under Singapore Law:

PS> But would the US extradite the accused bribe takers to stand trial in Singapore??

here is Kepfels one
When this hit the news the PM made a sudden trip to the USA and ordered some F35 jets
The news was only about $19million channeled from Singapore to Houston to the Brazilian office for maeketing expenses for rig contracts of about $7 Billion, hard to see thats a problem?
They tried to hang it on the Singaporean accountant that flagged it in the Houston office yet the Singapore office transferred the money, then it all went quiet after that was in the paper.

The real story was never explained to the public why you pay $422 million for $19 million in marketing expenses. ( I doubt the first and only mention in the paper still exists online?)
Kep fels and Semcorp both had Petrobras contracts of about $7.5 billion and if you know how Petrobras works you know what happens.

According to one account I read, Leonard first went to Mexico, like I predicted, then to Cuba, also like I predicted, then to Venezuela, I’m guessing he took the Turkish airlines flight for Moscow from Havana that flight connects in Caracas and İstanbul, so I guess he figured he would be safer in Venezuela and Turkey than any of the E/U countries.
Though staying in Cuba would have been fairly safe.

Of course in my moments of Walter Mittyish romanticized fantasies, I pictured him fleeing to Morocco, which has no extradition treaty* with the U.S., yes Fat Leonard living out his life owning a saloon in Casablanca.

*Though contrary to popular misconception an extradition treaty is not required for a person to be extradited.


Evidently Fat Leonard did not invest as much thought in his escape as he did corrupting high ranking US Navy officers. It seems like a guy with his resources could have arranged to step aboard a yacht in San Diego and disappeared into the deep blue sea.

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To Russia with …:


Surprise, surprise:

Amazing what rising gasoline prices and an election year can do to foreign relations.
But a few $$$ in the right pockets MAY keep him “fat and happy” at a resort in Venezuela for quite some time.

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