Expired STCW95 and obtaining an MMC

I took my STCW back in 2011 and never renewed it due to work schedule while on the boat I was previously employed on. In order to obtain my 100 ton Near Coastal Master endorsement, do I need to just show proof that I have taken the course in the past or would I need to take the revised STCW 2010 before applying for my MMC/USCG 100 ton license?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Pretty sure stcw 95 isn’t one of the requirements to get a 100 ton…however, if you want to sail on that license in foreign waters you need it.

You would have to do the 5 day BT class all over again to get stcw95 too. If i am in error someone will chime in.

STCW isn’t a requirement for a 100 ton license.