Exit Stage Left: Have you left the industry? Are you thinking about leaving the industry? Why?

‘The Great Resignation’ is disrupting nearly every industry worldwide. The Maritime industry is no stranger to this.

2020 estimated 12,000 mariners left the industry and so far in 2021, that number is nearing 20,000.

If you are one of these people who are thinking of leaving the industry, or who has already left the industry, let’s talk about why.

A lot of mariners I talk with who have left the industry left because:

-Company culture is on the decline.
-Companies do little to support employee well-being.
-Looking to do something more with their lives/ looking to find a greater purpose.

What is your mindset on this topic?

Are you referring to leaving onboard operations, or the industry as a whole? I left the onboard operation side, because of culture, industry downsizing, and just felt as a Captain at the time, I didn’t want to lower my standards to meet what the company was asking/requiring, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror and felt it was time for me to facilitate true change.


Definetly considering it. I would agree with all those points to some extent. Before Covid it was infuriating to get asked to work over consistently, be sent complete morons when the company did finally hire more people, and then recieve a pay cut shortly after the virus hit.

Companies have been tested this past year and change. Employees are getting to see just how valuable they are and acting accordingly.


Really glad you asked this @PDCMATE. I intentionally left this open-ended because there as many reasons for people leaving the onboard operations as well as the industry as a whole.

Having sailed for 20 years across the broad spectrum of the industry to include: Military Sealift Command, oil/gas, union as well as the privatized sector, I had found much of the same that you were describing above. I left last year to create my company the inner voyager which I am doing personal development, mindset, and emotional intelligence work to help people find their true purpose in life with entrepreneurs as well as taking my adaptability and resilience from years of sailing and applying it to businesses from all different industries (including the Maritime industry) to help them solve unforeseen problems and become as close to ‘future proof’ as possible. I am now getting into the technology sector with this as well.

I think the thing that I’m most grateful for is the industry gave me my ability to explore. But had I known what opportunity lay beyond taking a chance at leaving the industry, I probably would have moved beyond sailing a long time ago. I now realize a whole different skill set I can utilize to give back to the industry that’s giving me so much for the past 20 years.


i left the industry because there is alot of anti-white biggotry on the ships. especially unlicensed


Thanks for your input @NH_Domer! @PDCMATE and I were talking about the value of being able to look yourself in the mirror and realize your value. When I left the industry as captain last year right in the middle of Covid I realized how much my skill set and being adaptable to change while working across many facets of the Merchant Marine industry prepared me to create my company The Inner Voyager to help individuals and companies future proof themselves and realize their individual worth and value of what they bring to the world as well as helping companies increase their culture, which inherently increases their culture, success, and profit in an ethical and sustainable way by empowering people to take a deeper look at themselves and find out what they really want in life.

Seriously? A new age infomercial is what this thread is all about? Yikes…


We all have our own perspective, that’s what makes this a great place. I prefer to see it as how we can all continue to adapt to change and become more empathic to understand people’s views. Wouldn’t you agree @DamnYankee? Thanks for your input.

Interesting. Care to share more about this?

Alright @InnerVoyager we’ll hit you up if we need to “find our inner worth.” Now back to the regularly scheduled programming…


Perhaps you can figure a way to get some oversight over bully/sociopath Captains/Chiefs that exists because office is happy as long as ship is on schedule and correct daily email reports show up.

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That is an issue isn’t it, I’ve had my fair share.

You can leave?


I hear you
A cracker like myself has a hard time out here


I’m still working on a boat, but i get to go home every night. It pays a little less but the stress level dropped down to almost nothing.


You go get em Inner Voyage

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Hey Brian! Great to see you here my man! How are you?


I can see you are a lifelong learner. Best of luck finding your success.

Some come up through the hawspipe, some try to leave by it. we were glad that you didn’t.