Losing People Fast

Our rigs are losing people so fast that we can barely maintain minimum manning; whole engineering/maintenance departments aren’t coming back – even the rentals are quitting.

People are leaving faster than replacements can be found.

Anyone else seeing this out there?

What is the solution?

the same thing that has always cured the problem, shit loads of money.


The market is hot right now.

You’ve had more new listings on the gcaptain job board this month than all of last year. Just last week several companies call us just to by banner ads for job placements.

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My vessel had over 50% turnover in the engine room in the last 15 months. The previous 24+ months had zero turnover. Its not just in the maritime industries. The medical office where my wife works has also experienced near 50% turnover since the beginning of the pandemic & we know 14 yrs who make $11 an hour pushing buggies & working fastfood when just a few years ago $15 hr was considered a mediocre wage to make a living in our community. Some restaurants where I live are takeout only because they don’t have the employees to run the dining areas. As some sociologist perdicted, the pandemic changed people’s paradigm & shuffled our priorities.

A bunch of free money from the government isn’t helping people stay motivated to work either IMO. We’re well into the 6 figure income range & money we didn’t ask for just shows up into our account from Uncle Sam because we have kids. A tenant we have didn’t pay rent since March '20 but he received a grant from the government & last week we cashed another Uncle Sam check for +$15k. We’re living in some crazy times. Enjoy it & save as much as you can while it lasts.


Money talks and BS walks!! Why leave your family for 1/2 a year if you can sleep in your own bed, watch your Kids grow and make the same money ashore. These Drillers are learning this the hard way!!


A couple in the 50% of the engine room team I lost went to work on land for a lot less money & just want to sleep in their own beds & watch their kids grow up period. Once you get used to that & can scrape by a decent wage ashore the money becomes a lot less important I’m sure. I’m not surprised by the labor shortage after the pandemic. People want to live & the life of a mariner ain’t what it used to be before that pandemic for sure.

Companies showed no loyalty during the last downturn, and the crew shouldn’t be expected to show any now. It’s a dog eat dog world, and now its back to the candidates holding the power. Good for them.


Sign on and longevity bonuses will be right around the corner if oil stays in the 70’s. PDCMATE is spot on. I know a 22 year employ with Ensco who always came back early from vacation as a BCO, when they were in a bind,

When he got layed off, they would not even take his phone call. These Drillers are now reaping what they have sowed!!