So I just found out quite belatedly that the Navy has disposed of the ex USNS SUMNER and that she was scrapped already. I had thought that all the PATHFINDER class survey ships were still operating and have to wonder what happened to this particular ship that caused it to be retired prematurely? Did she suffer some major casualty where it wasn’t economical to keep her in service? If that wasn’t the case why didn’t it go to NOAA or UNOLS or a foreign nation?

They had the Maury come out so they decided to get rid of one. They have another one coming out at some point so probably another older one coming out of the fleet.

So I wonder why some other agency such as NOAA didn’t want the ship then and it seems a crime since that particular class has been quite successful in the years since they’ve been built

Ship was launched in 1994. :man_shrugging:

I had heard she had major issues towards the end. If I remember correctly they used the hull in some sort of testing of equipment and it fried all of the electrical on board. Could be wrong though

Well that would explain why nobody else wanted her