Everything is bigger in Texas

“Afarmer from Texas on vacation trip to down under”

A farmer from Texas goes to Australia on vacation. There he meets an Australian farmer and turns off a chat with him. The Australian farmer shows the large, wide-range areas of wheat, and the Texan says:

  • But with us, they’r at least three times that big!

They go for a little walk around and the Australian farmer shows their cattle herd, and the Texan comment:

  • These are big, but our animals have horns that are at least twice the size of theirs!

Then suddenly during the conversation about cattle, the Texan sees that a herd of kangaroo jumps through the farm:

  • What exactly is this?

The Australian farmer looks with infidel eyes on the Texan and answers:

  • Don’t you have grasshoppers in Texas?
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