European DPO wages

These days, what are the day rates like for European companies, DPOs in particular. i.e cable lay, construction, supply vessel……thanks.

Most European DPOs are holding STCW license as OICNW and the DPO jobs are combined with other positions. Mostly permanent and salaried positions, unless short term assignments.

Don’t know if this help, but here is a link to a site that list DPO jobs all over the world:

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It can very from about £150 per day up to about £600 per day depending on ship type and company etc.

Depending on circumstances there can be no tax liabilities or there can be full tax liabilities.

The lower end tends to be from companies who operate in Europe that usually employ DPOs from places like the Philippines and Ukraine who are happy to work for low wages.

When you see a really low wage being advertised for a DPO it is often because the company can’t get their regular crew a developing country and need someone from the North West of Europe to fill in.

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Thank you! And thank you to @ombugge as well!

As it is in most of the rest of the world. So what?