Entry Level Job

I live in Cut Off, Louisiana. I am 20 years old. I am looking for an entry level job on a boat. I have a 2 year college degree, but I have no experience working on a boat. I am wondering what are the best companies to work for. Any tips or advice about getting a job or working on a boat is appreciated. Thank yall.

If you live in Cut Off L.a. and can’t or don’t know how to find a boat job, I’m not sure if we can help you. Everyone down here has a relative or friend working on a boat.

Right hand corner of your screen, type in “entry level jobs” Questions like this tend to draw the pointy stick, read thru the old threads and you will find what your looking for.

Nice save monkey

hay guys im new to this forum im live in GA at the moment im looking for an entry level job i have a twic card,passport,stcw 95 certificate from mid Atlantic (awsome teachers there both former navy sorry for the off topic) my mmc/mmd paperwork is still processing the medical/security part is done just waiting to get it in the mail i want to start as a wiper preferably on a cargo ship any advice would be welcome