Engineering path DDE to Chief

I’m a dual Deck and Engineer with mixed service about 50-50 Capt vs Chief UNLICENSED non commercial. I do have about 4 years commercial engineering, Construction mgmt. mobilizations etc.

I was recently approved for 3rd assistant Engineer and DDE Unlimited using the QMED “EQUIVELANT position” and about 1350 days as chief unlicensed aboard ABS class and LLoyds class vessels around 4000HP 300 to 800 tons. I have about 7 years as Chief but not documented yet because it’s not needed I believe.

My question is
Do I need every module or part of OICNW with the exception of non relevant propulsion IE Steam and Turbine? I obviously am pursuing STCW 2nd then Chief engineer.
Control systems
Electrical machinery and basic electronics
Engineering terminology and shipboard operations
Auxiliary machinery
Motor plants as applicable for my propulsion.

Leadership and managment
Managment of electrical and electronic control equipment

What is the best route? It appears I can sail as DDE (current boat 498 tons) and go to 2nd STCW BUT the OICEW is the catch.

Also, will they endorse QMED when they issue my DDE unlimited? Do I need to request that?

I’m considering going commercial for a couple years minimum to raise HP and obtain different experience.