ECO Even-time as AB

Anyone got it? Is it possible? I know it’s not the norm, but far from uncommon for licensed guys throughout the company. Wondering if there are any ABs or QMEDs out there who do it? And I don’t mean temporarily due to the slowdown.

Thanks for the info!

I’m sure its possible, although I hated ECO when I worked there. I’d rather go back to an onshore job than ever go work for them again…

Yes even before the down turn, there were many people on many vessels working 28 and 28. There are even some working 14 and 14. But remember, it is a big company and there are many divisions with many more coordinators. That being said, there could be 20 people all start on the same day and depending on which division, manager, coordinator vessel and Captain, their experiences can be totally different. Some may love it while others hate it.

Yep I work even time.

You are unlicensed?

Yep just an AB working my way up