Ab at ECO

Considering joining ECO as an Ab in the gulf but have many questions. I would lile to get my seatime faster and eventually become mate.

Does anyone know if they work equal time or 2:1?
How do you end up on a big boat vs crew boat? Is this based on experience or just where they need someone?
Is an Ab OSV license enough to come an as an AB and are all ABs paid the same?
Is there some for of transportation available from new orleans airport to fourchon?

Last I knew it was 2:1.

You’ll need RFPNW and probably AS-D.

Last I knew, on an OSV you get rigging pay (~ an extra $20 a day) whereas on an anchor boat you don’t.

Chouest runs a shuttle from the airport to the office. Crew change is at the office.