AB OSV to Mate

I am currently an AB OSV or will be in 35 more days. I am 45 and looking for advice on how to become a mate ASAP. I am currently working for Edision Chouest on well stim/supply 280 plus boats in the gulf. In 35 days I will have 180 days at sea. I have an approved offer from MSC to start in September. What would be the quickest path to getting my mates license? And for which company? I live in Texas and have the Hazelwood Act at my disposal to use at San Jacinto. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you

A mate after 180 days? What’s the rush? It takes years to get the skills you need. Maybe try getting the deck down first…


So you have AB OSV currently? Or you need 35 more days for it still?

You’re not going to become a mate before you go to MSC.

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I will have my AB OSV in 35 days. Only thing is need is the 35 more days. I know MSC doesn’t care about AB OSV and that I will not me a mate when I go there. I am asking what is the quickest path to mate and with what company?

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You’re gonna get a lot of smart ass comments now you should’ve just called me I gave you my number I was more than willing to help but noooooooooooooo

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You are on the quickest path. You’re on a OSV and get 1.5 days sea-time. ECO has OSV Mate programs along with inhouse DP training. My advice, do what you are doing now - stay there, work hard, study, and test when you get the time. If you go to MSC, it will take longer.


Lol I’m sure you’re a good guy but for gods sake don’t give anyone licensing tips. You’re the same guy in the conundrum because you can’t pass chart plot because you had all the old answers memorized.


Don’t leave chouest to go to MSC. Stay where you are.


I can give other information though like all the classes you have to take the place to go for online training I’m not completely worthless

Practicalnavigator.org for video

Able Seafarer-Deck-$0
Proficiency in survival craft other then fast rescue-$700
Proficiency Fast rescue boats-$750
Basic Oil And Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations-$1000
Medical First aid-$700
Medical PIC-$1000
Advance Fire Fighting-$650
Basic Training-$850
GMDSS Operator-$1600
Vessel Security Officer-$500
Security Awareness-$100
Tankerman Assistant-$0

Non-Stcw class

*Radar Unlimited-$800
Arpa Radar-$800
Bridge Resource Management-$2000
Basic Ship handling & Steering Control Systems-$2900
Stability and Construction-$1000
Cargo Handling and Stowage-$1000
Electronic Navigation-$1000
Team leadership course-$300

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Half of those courses won’t be needed for years, if ever. Most are also only good for 5 years, and if taken now there’s a good chance they will expire before they are needed.


As others noted, you’d be best to stay where you are. You can get Mate OSV with 2 years total time. Mate 500/1600 also requires 2 years (for near coastal, 3 years for oceans), but 6 months has to be as Mate. You can use time as an OSV Mate to meet that. So your best option seems to be stay where you are, get Mate OSV when you have the time, after 6 months as Mate on an OSV, go for Mate 500 or 1,600 (near coastal). Or wait until you have a total of 3 years and got for 3rd Mate (which does not have a requirement for time as Mate)


Thank you for your advice sir. The only thing I am concerned about staying at Chouest is the lack of ‘blue water’ sailing. Will staying only in the gulf hinder my career in anyway? I would love blue water sailing but MSC’s 7 month on 1 month off doesn’t sound great at all. Are there any other options? I’ve heard of some unions but haven’t heard a lot of good things.

I dont think anyone would give you advise to hinder your career. The question is, “what do you want?”. You set a criteria and asked for guidance on the quickest path to mate which woukd also result in higher compensation. Now, you throw in blue water. If thats what you want, go bluewater. You will not get mate faster, and not sure whats the most important to you. Your choice though. Nobody can make that choice for you.

Bottom line, if you have alot of experience in one sector and decide to change later, its certanly possible and Ive seen it many times, but if you are competing agaist someone that has more experience in that exact line of work, then they have the leg up. Common sense, eh? Thats for every career, top to bottom.

Ball is in your court!

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According to the CFRs I see near coastal is 2 years, no time required as officer, whereas oceans is 3 years with 1 year required as officer.

If that’s what you want to do then go for it.

Staying where you are.