ECDIS Type-Specific Treaining Requirement?

I’ve been sailing under a couple of foreign flags lately, and both are phasing in STCW requirements for both a 5-day generic ECDIS training requirement AND a type-specific training requirement. This type-specific training has to be conducted by an authorized trainer (or perhaps an approved CBT course) - it cannot be simply a familiarization by the ship’s existing deck officers. I saw the recent USCG announcement about the generic ECDIS training requirement, but does anybody know what the USCG requirement will be for type-specific training?

I asked a similar question in another thread without any response.
I recently completed the five day ECDIS class and was told a similar story regarding on board type-specific training. The instructor was very vague with the details and suggested that I contact the HR or training departments at our company. So, I contacted my company’s training department and was told that there was no type training program but when the USCG (US flagged vessel) comes on board all bridge officers must be able to use the equipment. Perhaps I will e-mail my instructor and ask for more details.

Either the manufacturer or an agent is doing the type specific, the rest of the world is already doing this.
I have a buddy who works for SAM Electronics and they have a school in Hamburg for their kit
Not sure about the specific but the generic needs flag state approval in the country that its in

Kongsberg has developed a program to facilitate onboard type specific training for their ECDIS equipment.