ECDIS requirement for reinstated license?

Hi gcaptain people,

I recently sat for exams, and took several courses, to reinstate an expired license (had not been in continuity.)

My recently issued license states “not valid on vessels equipped with ECDIS”

this is surprising to me, as my letter from NMC stating classes to take, did not require anything about ECDIS.

could this be a mistake?

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ECDIS is not a requirement. You can be (as you have been) licensed without ECDIS. However without it they will put that limitation on your license. If you did take it before or if you take it in the future you can have the limitation removed.

appreciate the advice.

makes me wonder how this is pragmatically enforced? lots of vessels use ECDIS but carry/use paper charts as a backup to ECDIS.

. Does this mean I’m not eligible to serve on such a vessel? or only a vessel which uses ECDIS exclusively?

Correct. You must have ECDIS to serve on a vessel equipped with ECDIS even if they don’t use it.

But not all chart programs are actually ECDIS. The rule only applies to true ECDIS equipped vessels.

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thanks again,

I can only guess NMC must have mistakenly omitted this requirement from my reinstatement requirements letter.

Assume this is an endorsement which can be obtained through an approved course? Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve noticed that even among USCG approved courses there is some variability in running hours. wonder if there are any cost/time efficient approved courses out there

ECDIS is for STCW only. Licenses (national endorsement) are not limited to vessels without ECDIS. On STCW, if your stuff was expired and not in continuity,. your last renewal was probably before 2015. ECDIS did not become required for STCW for vessels until January 1, 2017. So I assume you have never taken an ECDIS course - that’s the only way to not have your STCW limited to vessels without ECDIS. The courses all have to be of a minimum length, so you are unlikely to find significant differences in time and thus probably cost. They all have to be done live (or almost all live) as the courses needs the use of ECDIS equipment.


This answer is why YOU should be in charge of licensing, logical, knowledgeable and wise. If it was an elected position, you would win as a write in.