Dynamic positioning work outside of O&G?

I recently acquired my 3M unlimited and started on the DP scheme a while back. I took the basic course and logged the sea familiarization needed. Are there any jobs outside of rigs and supply vessels that do DP work? Getting into those positions seems not impossible, but unlikely.

I worked with a Mate who worked on a research vessel that was DP-1 and got all of his time for his limited certificate there. Also worked with a Mate to got most of her time on AMO Contracted TYCO cable layers. Guy at MPT back in February got his time with MSC on the cable layer USNS Zeus. There are opportunities out there, it just might be hard to land some of those jobs with the amount of people laid off from the oil patch that already have DP certificates. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. I did know about both TYCO and the Zeus. Can you say what company or who the research vessel did work for?i would be interested in doing some research exploration stuff.