Duplicate MMC

Just wondering if anyone knows generally how long it takes to get a duplicate (replacement) MMC. I know the NMC loves to take their sweet time with things. I asked them over the phone and they said it’s an expedited process but of course they couldn’t give me a time frame.

Took them seven weeks to mail my upgrade sticker this spring. So, you can figure appx. timeline now.

I had to send out for a duplicate, after the original was mailed to the incorrect address. I sent for the duplicate at the end of February, received it around the 19th of March.

When I did it last July it was two weeks from email submission to issuance. Delays may be worse since then but a duplicate is a simpler transaction than renewal or upgrade.

Thanks guys.

I lost mine last year and had to get a duplicate. It was expedited. I would say the entire process took less then three weeks and I had it in hand.