Dr. Fauci

As much as I understand and appreciate Fauci’s position as trying to do good by influencing the decision makers I would like to see him take a stand, even at the cost of his job and role in the administration, and state very clearly that we are leaderless and fast becoming victims of an incompetent and corrupted regime that places American society behind politics and personal status.


“Who sups with the devil must have a long spoon.”

I hear what you’re saying and I’m torn. We seem to have bad answers and worse answers, and hard to tell which is which.

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Yes, you are correct. Still better than before. I forgot my city and county have the same name.

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That would be extremely irresponsible and that’s not who he is. He deserve our respect and support for walking a tightrope and providing a sense of calm and sanity. Worst time ever for a temper tantrum and leaving behind a leadership vacuum.


On short acquaintance I can’t see that happening. But a resignation from principle is not the same as a tantrum.

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I understand what you are saying, I agree with you in principle but at some point, and I think we have reached that point, someone who is seen and respected as a trustworthy authority must take an action that will tip the scale toward sanity.

America is suffering from the actions and inaction of a cult leader and his followers. Cracks are beginning to show and Fauci has a fleeting window of opportunity to make a real difference in the outcome of this social and economic debacle. He might do more good for American by walking away from the swamp. He will probably gain a louder voice and encourage others to break away from the cult. It is certain that he would reach many more people by leaving the crowd of sycophants who prop up our failed leadership.


I’ve not seen any evidence that’s the case. Trump’s approval is up at this point.

My guess is if Fauci makes a split now he will quickly fade into obscurity. For sure on the Fox News / Rush Limbaugh side of the information ecosystem.


Dr. Fauci will continue as he has since Reagan as an apolitical scientist. He is well respected because of these attributes and this has driven his credibility for decades. We need at least one person wearing these shoes, and I’m glad it’s him.


If he took a stand he’d be replaced by a yes man who says what Trump wants to hear. Better to serge the line than hold it till it snaps.

It looks like Trump pushed back. Likely it was an open threat to the medical establishment (including Dr. Fauci) reminding them they are not in charge.


That is not surprising but it is only because he had one brief moment of lucidity. His daily “news” rallies and irrational outbursts on camera and online have clearly shown his deteriorating mental condition.

Even I had a moment of appreciation for his position a week or so ago, he almost sounded like a leader. That may have given him a ratings boost but once he saw that happen he became like a drunk in a liquor warehouse. The old Trump, the real Trump very quickly returned and now those “news conferences” are nothing more than mini rallies and opportunities for him to sling insults at those he thinks are enemies. The only good thing about them is it allows Fauci a voice and let’s people see the real Trump again.

Fauci will always have a voice, probably a much louder voice if he uses it for something other than make Trump look like a leader.

We desperately need someone with credibility to pull back the curtain.


From James Fallows about Fauci - https://www.theatlantic.com/notes/2020/03/2020-time-capsule-7-i-dont-think-im-going-to-learn-much/608569/

Q: You’re standing there saying nobody should gather with more than 10 people and there are almost 10 people with you on the stage….

A: I know that. I’m trying my best. I cannot do the impossible.

Q: What about the travel restrictions?… It just doesn’t comport with facts.

A: I know, but what do you want me to do? I mean, seriously Jon, let’s get real, what do you want me to do?
What I want, as of today, March 23, is for him to stay there, as long as he can.

If he walked away now, it would change nothing. It wouldn’t change the mind of anyone watching the briefings. Trump’s approval rating wouldn’t budge. His demeanor wouldn’t change. He would smirk while insulting the doctor, call him a stupid twerp with tiny hands, “Did you see his tiny hands, mine are much bigger, I have to tell you, mine are much much bigger, trust me, they’re twice as big…”, replace him with a warm body less likely to oppose him and continue with his business as usual.

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I think he has done all he can do in his current position at this time.

It appears that Trump is pushing back at Fauci now and that leaves Fauci with only one means to get his message across - walk away and tell the world why he walked.

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That last sentence was Fallows, not me. I edited my post to move the block quote.

From WP today:

At 79 he may consider retiring before being pushed.

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He doesn’t need to retire, he can make a career crowning statement by refusing to be part of the Trump dog and pony show.

If he were fired it would do nothing but prove to the world how corrupt and ignorant Trump is. As it stands, his message is blunted by Trump and his lackeys and by leaving the circus he would still run the Institute as well as have TV media clamoring for his time as long as this mess lasts. He would have many more and much more effective channels to get his message to the people.

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Why wouldn’t Trump simply fire him?

Like I wrote “If he were fired it would do nothing but prove to the world how corrupt and ignorant Trump is.”

There probably isn’t a sentient being on the planet who would not understand that Trump firing Fauci would show the world just how depraved Trump really is.

Have you tuned into Fox News and watched for a while? The corvid-19 “is a hoax/not a hoax” switcharoo was done effortless, without missing a beat. . Fauci would be labeled part of the “deep state” and forgotten.


That is one of the best “consider the audience” examples I can think of. What more does Fauci need than this latest assault on reality?