DP Info and Seatime-Reduction Course Survey


I find the difference between the DP trainees’ answers and the DPOs’ answers hilarious.

The guys that have their certificate already (and got it back when simply being on a DP classed boat counted towards a day of DP sea time) say there is no need for sea time reduction courses, while the trainees suffering the new regulations say there is.

Also, the guys with their certificate already say there is no pressing need for certified DPOs…

Does anyone know where in Europe (preferably the UK) the reduction courses be done and how much they cost?


Here is a Dutch DP training Center (classes are in English) that offers DP Sea time Reduction courses.



Here is a Danish DP Sea Time Reduction Course (classes are probably offered in English).



Here is a Norwegian DP Sea Time Reduction Course (probably in English).



Apparently, Kongsberg offers DP Sea Time Reduction Courses.



Another Norwegian course


But does Kongsberg offer these in the US?

As I recall, the Nautical Institute article stated that there are five or six approved seatime reduction courses. In a quick search, I appear to have found five.

I sent all five of those DP Course providers an email asking for information and costs. I asked if the courses are offered in English, and I asked if they offer seafarer’s a discount who are paying out of pocket without employer sponsorship.

I’ll post whatever I find out.

Perhaps someone who is a member of the Nautical Institute could send them an email asking for a current and complete list of NI approved DP Seatime Reduction courses, and post it here.

They say on the page you linked that the course can be conducted in either Danish or English.

I may need to take a vacation. I’ve always wanted to see Denmark…

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;66802]They say on the page you linked that the course can be conducted in either Danish or English.

I may need to take a vacation. I’ve always wanted to see Denmark…[/QUOTE]
Sweden is better.

See the løveli lakes

The wonderful telephøne system

And mani interesting furry animals

Including the majestic møøse

Watch out, you might get canned for talking about moose…

Costs in USD would be good to know.

[QUOTE=Flyer69;66803]Sweden is better.

See the løveli lakes

The wonderful telephøne system

And mani interesting furry animals

Including the majestic møøse[/QUOTE]

A moose once bit my sister.

I just took the seatime reduction course in the Netherlands.
The company paid for it so I’m not 100% sure of the cost but I believe it was $3200.

They have a nice full bridge DP simulator but the exercises were very similar to the advanced DP class.

It is on an island off the coast so that would just add to the costs. Rental car, ferry, more expensive hotel etc.
I believe the one in Denmark is mainly for Maersk employees.

If you need any more info just PM me. I had to do a lot of the travel arrangements myself since the company had no clue. They tried to put me up in Amsterdam which is not even close to where the school is.

Are you a dpo and just doing it for training or did you actually need to sea time reduction?

Here is what I got back from the Dutch maritime academy that is offering the DP courses in The Netherlands.

The courses are in English. They do not offer any discounts. At present, all scheduled classes are fully booked and no space is available.

The Advanced DP Course is 1900 euros ---- which is $2,484 US.

Its not completely clear that the are actually ready to start offering the DP Seatime Reduction Course.

The DP Seatime Reduction Course is 2400 Euros — which is $3,138 US.

Dynamic Positioning Simulator Course
Target group
Personnel intending to Qualify as DP operators.
Admission requirements
Delegates must have completed the DP Induction
course and served 30 days of supervised
watchkeeping on board of a DP equipped vessel.
Course content
The Simulater Covers
DP operations under normal and pressure conditions,
system failure procedures, trend analyses,
communication, DP alert status alarms, practice
effective teamwork, the use of checklists, position
reference voting and handling, DP operations in
shallow water, DP ROV operations, DGPS-RTK,
the UTM coordinate system, DP incidents, rules
and regulations.
The training includes theory lectures as well as
hands-on simulator training sessions in a full mission
bridge environment.
Latest developments are the use of hydro acoustics’
and Artemis as position reference systems,
next to (D)GPS, and follow-sub mode for the use
of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV).
Course duration
4 days.
Course dates
See for course dates the course schedule or our
website: www.miwb.nl.
The simulator and the training program have
been designed in accordance with the provisions
of the international guidelines approved by the
IMO as published by the International Marine
Contractors Association. The course is Nautical
Institute compliant and approved. Upon successful
completion of the course a certificate and DP
operator logbook will be issued. All our simulators
and the organization are DNV approved.
Tuition fee
€ 1900, - (incl. VAT).
Further information about this course, e.g. schedule
and accommodation can be obtained at the
address below.

DP Sea Time Reduction
The purpose of this course is to give the
prospective Dynamic Position Operator (DPO)
reduction in sea time.
This course is applicable for prospective Dynamic
Positioning Operators who have attended the
• DP Induction Course
• 30 days familiarization
• DP Simulator Course
• 30 days DP onboard watch keeping experience
Type of course
The course will be an intensive simulator training
of 37,5 hours which will give a sea time reduction
of 6 weeks. This is the maximum of weeks
approved by the Nautical Institute. If more sea
time reduction is needed, the prospective DPO
should join an extra week of 37,5 hours intensive
simulator training, which will provide another 6
weeks reduction of sea time.
The maximum allowable reduction in DP time that
may be achieved in attending any combination of
the above courses, when applying for a certificate
is 12 weeks of the required DP time.
A period of at least 30 days DP sea time must
be gained between the 2 DP sea time reduction
training courses.
None of the above training may be used to
replace the DP familiarization time, the final
month of DP time or be used for upgrading a
certificate. None of the above courses can
replace the required 2 months practice on a Class
2 or 3 vessel when applying for a DP certificate.
Prior to commencing DP time reduction training,
Phase 3 (Advanced / Simulator course) of the DPO
training scheme should be completed, followed
by a minimum period of 30 days DP sea time.
Course dates
See for course dates the course schedule or
ourwebsite: www.miwb.nl
Tuition Fee
e 2400,- (incl VAT)
Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz
P.O. Box 26
8880 AA West - Terschelling
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)562-446666
F +31 (0)562-446667
E courses@miwb.nl

Goodday sir,

Thank you for your interest in our DP courses.
Enclosed I am sending you the information about the DP courses. Unfortunately the DP courses are fully booked.
The new course schedule is at this moment not ready. Please view our website for the updates. www.miwb.nl.

We do not offer a discount. The courses will be offered in English.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Anna Visser

Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz
P.O. Box 26, 8880 AA West-Terschelling
Tel. +31 (0)562 446666
Website: www.miwb.nl
Email: visser@mi.nhl.nl

[QUOTE=Slowsailor45;66807]A moose once bit my sister.[/QUOTE]

møøse bites kan be pretty nasti…

Here is the response that I got from SMCS in Norway about their DP training. The costs are quite a bit higher that DP induction and advanced course providers here in the USA.

The five day DP Seatime Reduction course is very expensive, but its the equivalent of 42 days at sea on DP. It might be cheaper for a company to send a DP trainee to the course rather than to pay him to ride the boats for 42 DP days of time. ($7,085 is the equivalent of paying him $168 per day for 42 days).

Given the apparent profit potential of these DP Seatime Reduction courses, I anticipate that other vendors in the US will begin to offer them.

Dear sir

Our course schedule for all our DP Related courses you can find online here:


The schedule is quite full at the moment, but we are working on opening more courses.
As soon as a new course is opened, it will appear on the online booking.

The booking of a course can also be organized from the same internet site by clicking the “ENROLL” button

Hotel can be booked trough us if you select the accommodation package option in the enrolment scheme.

The course cost is:
DP Induction: NOK 18 400.- (5 days) (That’s $3,164 US)
DP Simulator: NOK 20 450.- (5 days) (That’s $3,517 US)
DP SeaTimeReduction:NOK 41 200.- (5 days) (That’s $7,085 US)

Optional accommodation package including hotel w/breakfast, local transportation and lunch is NOK 1500.- pr day. (That’s $258 US)

Transportation between the airport (TRD) and the city of Trondheim is aprox. NOK 100.- for bus or NOK 700.- by taxi.

Unfortunately we do not have any discount schemes.

All the courses are run in English if there are one or more non Scandinavians participating.

Hearing from you if you find anything of interest.

Best regards

Lars Einar Rosenhaug Bjørset
Sales Manager Maritime
Ship Modelling & Simulation Centre AS
Ladehammerveien 4, N-7041 Trondheim, Norway
T: +47 73 56 14 00
D: +47 73 56 14 05
M: +47 90 57 85 50