DP Induction at GE in Houston, June 18-21/2013

Hello All,
I’m posting to see if there is any interest in a DP Induction class at GE Training Center in Houston, TX next month from June 18-21. They require four people (max of 6) for the class and I think they need a couple more for the class to make. I’d go to Kongsberg but they seem to be full through August and I’d really like to take this course while I’m off this time. The course is $2485.00 and includes course materials, DP Logbook and lunch. The contact is Ruth Rosales-garcia and her email is:


Phone: 713-895-0068x101

Address: 3993 W Sam Houston Pkwy N Ste 300 Houston, Texas 77043 USA

If interested please let me know and hopefully we can get something going. Thanks.

They do a terrible job of advertising and they do not respond to emails. No wonder they cannot find enough students to run a class.

We have people stacked up to get into those classes. All of the tiger shark class vessels have the integrated GE system for DP, automation and PMS. The lady who has been running that training center recently left for a better job. There is still some disarray in the office and the receptionist should maybe look for a different line of work.

Thanks for the info. It doesn’t make sense that they can’t find enough people for a four person class with Kongsberg booked through August but oh well. I’m just trying to get something together close to home that will fit with my time off after this hitch. So far I’ve had very prompt response from them via email but maybe I’m the exception.

They had alot of problems in that office… Too few instructors for a while… We sent guys to other schools instead

That is a terrible facility, took the advanced course there. The instructor was borrowed from the dp centre in London, he had never taught there before and was very expressive about how appalled he was about the gear and facility GE is running there. He said he was going to submit his recommendation when he got back that this facility isn’t adequate to teach anymore.

The training at this facility was substandard. The gear was antiquated and the instructor was borrowed from the London dp centre, he expressed multiple times how he was disappointed with the facility and mentioned he was going to suggest in his report that his recommendation would for this facility to no longer teach the operators course here.