DP Certificate Help

So, I just received my DP logbook back from the Nautical Institute, and while my logbook and that letter they send with it say that I have a “full” certificate, which I thought meant unlimited, the actual certificate says it is limited.

When I turned everything in, I had enough time for an unlimited certificate and was even pre approved for one through their online section. Is the “full” designation in the actual logbook enough for employers, or does the actual certificate need to say unlimited? Any help would be appreciated.

The certificates say “The Dynamic Positioning Operators certificate” then above your name it will say limited whereas an unlimited or full won’t have anything written on it other than your name. If your certificate says Limited then that is what it is and you need to contact them. The limited certificate is cream colored whereas the full is white.

A Limited or Unlimited DP license has do with what DP system you were working on . A Limited is on DP 1 systems . Unlimited is on DP 2 or DP 3 systems .The sea time is the same for both . You can upgrade from limited to unlimited with sea time on a DP 2 or DP 3 system .