Validity of DP cetificate

I have been working ashore now for 7 years. I started at this job when the company I was sailing for went bankrupt and I just sort of “stuck” to this job. I recently have decided that I want to go back to sea again.

My certificates for sailing as second mate are expired. For this I need to get 30 days of sea-experience. But I can’t figure out how long my DP-certificate is valid. Does it also expire after five years without sailing??

Any comments will be appreciated.

[B][U]IMHO[/U][/B]…from the “Nautical Insitute”:

The Dynamic Positioning Operator’s certificate remains valid as long as the
holder operates DP systems regularly. This is defined as a minimum of six
months DP watchkeeping experience within the previous five years. Should a
period of five years elapse and the holder does not serve aboard DP vessels
and operate the DP equipment, the holder should recommence the training at
the Simulator/Advanced course and complete all the requirements there after.
On the attendance at the Simulator/Advanced course, the training centre will
issue a new logbook and clearly mark this as part of the certificate renewal
Refresher courses, even for those regularly operating DP systems, are
considered beneficial and the content of these should be tailored to the needs[/LEFT]
of the individual, the company and the industry.”

i beleive you just need a 3 day refresher course if you have not sailed at all in 5 years, check with Nautical Institute