Donjon company question

Would anyone be so kind and give any details they may know about Donjon Marine co. They are located the closest to me so I may want to look into them first from my first job on the sea. rotation schedule? good company to work for? paid training for advancement? pay for ordinary seaman? any and all info given would be greatly appreciated.
thank you

I was told Donjon was local 25 and if so OS make about 270 a day but you will earn it

Its hourly but its 19.56hr

270 a day sounds high for an OS. I know AB that are making 270-280 a day.

[QUOTE=PR-9;52909]270 a day sounds high for an OS. I know AB that are making 270-280 a day.[/QUOTE]
It’s not unheard of. In '09, on the ATBs I was sailing, the DEUs base pay was $279. If they held an AB or QMED rate, it was $307.

Its high because its the dredging union

Not exactly. It’s high because its nearby New York harbor and the associated 333 wages. Ask the guys who work in the GOM ‘dredge unions’ how high their wages are.
I’ll have to dig up a contract to get other rates for comparison.

Well that’s good money!!
In the Gulf the highest paid AB’s are making 345$-385$. I believe that’s with GOL.

I worked on a dredge tug for over a year and made that wage all over the southeast

Was that with Donjon or GL? They honor the NY wages wherever they go.

I am surprised a southern dredging company would pay so well!

A company that only worked for gl here are the wages for local 25

I guess that throws out some peoples theory that working near a Union company has no effect on wages, huh?