Dome vs. Open Array Radar

We’re looking for a new radar for our crewboat and we are trying to save some money. (NOT MY IDEA WHEN IT COMES TO A RADAR)

What’s the real difference between a dome and open array? Is it even going to matter on a 110’ crewboat?

I think with the open array you have higher power options. If you have an open array, you could have 12 or 25kw output, vs. 2-
4kw in a closed dome.
Some confusion you might see is range availability, but that all depends on the power, height of the antenna off the water, curvature of the earth, etc. If you go to the Furuno website, they supply the formula in the owners manual.

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The domes use a cheaper printed circuit board antenna instead of the more expensive slotted waveguide antenna. The open array will have better resolution due to a narrower beam width. This can be important in high speed situations but not as important as the rotation speed. Resolution differences are more noticeable at longer ranges. On smaller vessels often you don’t have the height anyway. Domes have the advantage of having their moving parts inside. This is nice if the boat works in close quarters around over head lines and rigging. I once saw a badly thrown heaving line get tangled up in a radar antenna. If your boat is inspected, it would be a good idea to check with the coast guard. This is especially true if the vessel is capable of speeds over 30 knots.