Does seatime expire

I have a licensed chief engineer that says sea time expires. You use it or lose it. He does not believe JD on this forum is all knowing or works for the coast guard.

JD can you please post the jobs you have held and the current position you are in.

If sea time does expire or you can only use it once can someone post the CFR to it.

A chief engineer that thinks he knows it all and everyone else is wrong? No way!

JD is the yoda of uscg mmd/mmc credentialing and such. Deal with it :smiley:


Ask your “chief” what the expiration date on sea time is.

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He said you can not reuse time not that it expires. I stand corrected reuse time never heard of that. Unless it’s something deck to qmed then I see were he is coming from but that’s the only thing I can think of.

Well, it sort of expires in the sense that once you upgrade, the clock resets to zero again on the day your license gets printed.

As the old license is replaced, the clock is set from zero on the new license until the next renewal or the expiry date 5 years later, not your seatime. I’ll trust the information from JDC, who has a law degree, an unlimited license and is with the CG rather than an anonymous CE, whoever he is. Best ignore him.


That’s mostly just for unlimited licenses though.

That is false.

We would have a better argument that the mariner credentialing process is too complicated if mariners showed they were able to understand the simple parts.

JDCavo is of course one of the many people that fake working for the USCG, even going so far as to create a fake .mil email address. Probably a Russian.


Sea time does not expire.

But, there are requirements for “recency” a portion of the total needs to be within a specified time period.

Sea time MAY be able to be reused. It depends on the specific requirements for a given endorsement. If the service fits the specific criteria for the endorsement, you can use the same time you used for a previous endorsement. But, it has to match the specific criteria for the new endorsement.

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Sssssh. Don’t tell anyone. They think I actually do work…

And definitely a fake bot. I claim to work at CG HQ in DC, but this was posted from Maine.


Meh…I’m not buying it. An imposter worth his salt would pass himself off as something more exotic, like a Navy Seal or a Deep Sea Diver.


Do not bring up DSD he might show back up.


I put my license in continuity in 2014 when I was upgrading 2AE to 1AE because I couldn’t get through medical. I have 365 days as of sea service which I documented to the USCG then (and I still have the records now) but it was not applied to any upgrade since medical kicked me out before an evaluator even looked at my package.

I have always assumed that that time is lost to me.

I have been through the license general sections and the engineering officer sections of the CFR and the Marine Safety Manual Vol. III. I can’t find anything related to recency that applies to me.

Soooo … that makes me think that if I bring my license out of continuity I can still use that time to upgrade to 1AE? Its all in the 2011-2012 time period.

Mr. Menizzi . Sea time does expire just as engineers who cannot pass a physical do. For goodness sakes if one can read one should know the regulations as they are right there for anyone to read. If your chief engineer can’t read well enough to know the regulations you should send him to shore. But I suspect you are the chief engineer asking the question.


I think it’s 360 days in the last 5 years but I’m not looking it up to confirm.

Tengineer1. I work in the gallery on a boat and have been on rigs and boats. I am sick of the pay and my mom only has a few years left before she dies. I got my ab ticket never did anything with it I have about 18k in the book right now. I will be testing for 500T mate next year. I will only be about 7k short at the end of the year. But I am studying now. I can not just up at leave right now. I am on a boat and the chief did not believe I had all this stuff and started talking.


46 CFR 11.201(c )(1)(i). 3 months of the total must be within 3 years of applying. The rest has no time limits.

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That.s for renewals, not raise in grade.


Jdcavo while we got you here I’ve got a question for ya.

I had a TOAR completed at the end of 2018 but ended up leaving the Tug industry shortly after and never sent the TOAR in to get out onto my license. I hold a 1600 ton Master. Is that TOAR still valid to be sent in and have a Master of Towing endorsement out onto my license?