Expired more then a year NMC on crack?

What happens to me or what tests do i have to take if i go more then a year past my expired date? I am going to put it in continuity right now. I slacked off and have till july 20th and i am about to go off shore but i will be back before that. i just don’t want to run the clock. She told me if I don’t put it in continuity or renew before my year is up I lose everything i have as far as sea time goes and I would have to start as a OS again even tho i would keep endorsements. I have no sea time in the last 5 years but i would think i would just be able to print out the papers again and get my rating back. But not something i want to test lol

If you put it continuity before one year after expiration, the only test to restore it is an open-book at home test they will mail to you. If it goes more than a year… you’re screwed. Renew on time or go to contiuity.

If your stuff is expired for more than a year and you didn’t go to continuity, you need to take the entire original examination again at an REC. For sea time, you can re-use the time you had before, but you will have to meet recency requirements for a portion of it. Depending on what you have, that may mean working in a lower capacity to get recent time.

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Oh snap. They are not on on crack? First time for everything. I finished the paperwork a few mins ago and e-mailed it off per the lady instructions. Signed scanned emailed. I am going to call every 7 days till i get a answer that it is in fact on hold. The lady said 5 days till i get a e-mail back.