Coming out of the roach hotel/continuity

License expired 2019, received continuity cert 2/2020. Continuity cert has 200 Ton NC, FH, Wiper, OS. Had Radar, OICNW, Security awareness, RFPNW, Vessel Personal with Designated Security Duties, Basic, 500 Ton (GRT).

Read through the posts on the National vs International and coming out of continuity to take a job on a private vessel working inside the boundary. I’m wondering the quickest way to get MMC back active.

#1: Hire a consultant, recommendations please

#2: Get 719b & 719k drug test, together and email to REC


#3: Get 719b, 719k & drug test together and make an appointment with a REC (Charleston or Memphis) if this is still a possibility?

Background I was on 5th issue when oilfield bust came and got layed off, was 58 years old and decided to go inland workamping out west, southern man that’s been all over the worlds waters but hadn’t seen his country, took early social security last year and todays prices on everything jut too much of a crunch. Got a call yesterday from a previous employer to come back with a good pay offer, explained it might be 6-8 weeks before my license was active again they’re ok with that but trying to figure out fastest way to go about it.


Call Andy Hammond and pay him whatever he wants. He’ll get you all straightened out. It’s worth it. Link below.

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Did you go to continuity within one year of your MMC expiring? I assume so or you could not have gone to continuity How much sea time do you have in the past 5 years? It will affect what you have to do to restore everything. Also, did you take Leadership and Teamworking before continuity?

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Thanks I did indeed take continuity within a year of expiration and got the diploma (old style license diploma suitable for framing).
I did not take leadership and teamwork before continuity. Do I need those to just renew the 200NC only? I’m 63 and not going to Pesue the Radar, STCW& others only the 200 Ton NC.
I have 400 eight hour days in the last 5 years, all on a 60 ton pilot vessel on the Mississippi River, port of Vicksburg, will that be inland still count towards my needed sea service in the past 5 years?
Thank you

All I had :point_up_2:

You do not need courses if you are not renewing/restoring STCW or radar. Also, you shouldn’t need a take home exam if you have at least one year of service in the past 5 years. Make sure your application is clear about what you do and do not want to restore/renew. You may need to renew your TWIC.


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