Does anyone sail with their significant other?

Hi all,

Okay, okay, please limit the impulse to flame this post by saying I’m not a ‘real sailor’, whimpy, whiny, etc. I sailed as deep sea merchant marine for 8 years with the SIU and AMO. In 2006 I switched over to luxury yachting which is what I am doing still. I am currently underway to Gocek, Turkey. My girlfriend is sailing with me on her first boat as deckhand/stewardess.

My license is USCG Chief Engineer-Oceans-Unlimited Horsepower-3000 GT ITC and OUPV-Operator-Near Coastal. I have been sailing as the chief engineer on these yachts for the last 6 years, ranging in size from 145’ to 165’.

The problem is yachting is no place for an engineer. It is not a respected field in this industry and what is required is to constantly ‘put out fires’ and keep things running instead of safe and sound engineering practices. I don’t like it.

On the positive side my girlfriend is sailing with me and I have a few amazing days off each month in very nice ports.

Is there another sailing industry where a couple has the potential to sail together? I would like to push my deck license higher and get some real driving experience so I am open to both departments.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Try NCL-America out of Honolulu (SIU). They have just one ship with a very large crew so your chances are statically better at shipping out together. Plus they have “real” engineering on an unlimited tonnage ship. I remember a few married couples when I took a 60-day relief there about five years ago. The company was indifferent to shipboard relationships.

Besides, shipping in Hawaii with your girlfriend could be great. The small rooms and beds could be a bonus…

Thanks DeckApe. Funny, ironically, that’s where I started sailing. I was on the Independence and Constitution in 1990-92 when it was still American Hawaii Cruises. Feels like it would be a step backwards but perhaps an option to pursue.

Indy 1999-2001/final cruise.

NCL was very different. The party atmosphere is cleaner, boozing on board is contained. Rooms are smaller and the below decks have tons of people. And the ship is just huge.

But being ashore every day sure was great. That didn’t change.

large cruise ships, Maine passenger schooners, and big bulkers are the only places I personally have ever seen this done.

is this your first time sailing to/around Turkey? I’ve sailed there a lot (sailed as in “sailing ships”): Istanbul & the Bosporus all the way down past Bodrum to Antalya including the lovely Gulf of Gukova. good sailing. great food. good people. fond memories.

oh yeah, I almost forgot… you’re not a ‘real sailor’ since you are no doubt BOTH whimpy and whiny. :wink:

Military Sealift Command.

[QUOTE=richard8000milesaway;52136]oh yeah, I almost forgot… you’re not a ‘real sailor’ since you are no doubt BOTH whimpy and whiny. ;-)[/QUOTE]

Your friends must say you’re a real confidence booster! :slight_smile: