Does 200 ton OICNW trump AB RFPNW?

What if:

Say a person has an AB but no RFPNW.
Add to that the AB also has a 100 or 200 ton OICNW on the STCW.

Can the AB use the 200 ton OICNW to stand a watch as AB on a larger tonnage vessels? If so, what is the pecking order for OICNW and RFPNW?



I think you have to have 500 Ton to bypass RFPNW, but then again you need 90 days as an AB to get your 500T. Not 100% sure.

It depends on the “Limitations” noted on your certificate. If the authority of the OICNW is limited to 200 GRT, then you can’t use it to serve as RFPNW on a vessel greater than 200 GRT unless your certific ate also has RFPNW on it without a tonnage limit.

You have a an STCW certificate (a separate certificate with your picture on it, not words on your license) for OICNW not more than 200 GRT?? What REC did you get it from?

Hello Mr. Cavo:

I have a STCW page.
On it it reads:

“…Master 50 grt NC/100 grt OICNW (Mate)…”

I submitted my original application for MMD AB and the above Master at Portland, OR. They sent it off to Virginia. This was mack in AUG 20008.