Do Merchant Marine Cadets Look Like Underpaid Security Guards

The Army has had something like 6 uniform updates in the last 10 years and are now giving millions of dollars to fashion designers to “update” the current uniforms to a more vintage WWII look.

Which leads to the question… why does the Merchant Marine uniform look like a 1960’s bank security guard outfit? Can we maybe give the cadets at the state academy’s the army’s “old” uniform??


Geezus … talk about Kool-Aid! This “update” was probably instigated by the psychological warfare and propaganda weenies, not millennial fashionistas.

I see this as a not too subtle propaganda device to create an image of the Army that harkens back to the “good war.” The current image of everything camo has been degraded by every redneck and his cousin wear the stuff everywhere all the time. It makes the military look like they are going frog huntin’ down the bayou.


They would still have camos and working uniforms. These look like service dress uniforms.

I like the look, but it has always vexed me that the military has to tinker with uniforms every few years. When I was in the Navy we wore dungarees as the working outfit and they were comfortable and looked good. Then poof, gone. I was out already. Thank goodness



Luckily, no military branch uses Real Tree camo pattern.

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Do you, as a taxpayer, have no issue over this waste? If newer/better technology comes out, then update uniforms for safety and efficiency. But for sake of “fashion”? What a waste of $$$.

The purpose of the military is to blow things up and kill people. It should be a tool of last resort. It is not a fashion contest.

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I greatly prefer the current army dress uniform.

Fashion or practicality has little to do with it. Every time there’s a change of power in the swamp the new rulers award the military uniform contracts to their pals who start making unnecessary changes to jump start their new revenue stream. It takes about a year for it to show up so they’re right on schedule.

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