Do I need cpr & first aid for an unlimited 2M RENEWAL?


Im renewing my 2M unlimited license and just took BST revalidation. It didnt include cpr & first aid. Do i need that for a renewal?


Depends on what your revalidation course approved for, and how much sea time you have in the last five years. You do not need it for the license, but you need it for STCW. It depends on the specific approval of the course you took. You need to check the approval of the course to know for sure. There are different courses and they aren’t all approved for the same things.


Its the 2 day BT revalidation at MITAGS. I have plenty of unlimited seatime. It says its an STCW revalidation course. Any thoughts?


I already gave them to you. You need to check their approval.


On the renewal checklist it says cpr&first aid is “original only”.


You’re looking at the wrong checklist.


2M unlimited. Thats what i am. What are you talking about.


You’re looking at the domestic checklist not the STCW checklist.


More and more employers seem to have a current (within 2 years) First Aid, CPR, and AED Card as requirement. You might as well just get it.