Designated examiner

can any body tell me how to go about becoming a designated examiner?

I have ofter wondered about this process myself. I would be very interested to know as well.

This be how:

any ideas as to where i can recieve formal instruction on observation and assement techniques? are there classes available to take? do i just ask the nmc to be a d.e.?

train the trainer class maybe? ask the NMC with that nvic/enclosure and exact paragraph referenced.

shouldn’t most towboat captains have #2 though?

© Meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Have received formal instruction in techniques of observation and
    [I][B]2. Have experience conducting assessments of competence such as experience
    assessing junior mates or pilots as part of a program run by a company for
    training apprentice mates (steersman), or as part of a safety management

The NMC website lists schools with DE courses,

Mid-Atlantic Maritime “Academy” (among others) has a 1 day course for DE’s.

Course Number: 1791
Course Length: 8 hours
Price: $300.

You will be contacted by Academy administrator within 1 business day with seating availability to complete your course registration.
Minimum Class Size: 2
Maximum Class Size: 12
Class scheduled as needed. Call for dates (757)464-6008
This is not a USCG approved course, however, the course has been determined that it meets the intent of United States Coast Guard Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) 4-01, Licensing and Manning for Officers of Towing Vessels. The USCG would accept the completion of this 8-hour course as satisfying the training requirement of NVIC 4-01 for towing vessel designated examiners as per NMC Ltr. 16720/4 December 27, 2006 to Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy.

I always thought the Designated examiners were just clerks that worked at the REC.

Not at all. DE’s are how people in the towing industry get their TOAR’s signed off. It’s the only way to get a towing endorsement.

You take a one day approved course, send resume, recommendation letter from your employer, and if coast likes it they send a letter saying you are a approved DE, I know cause I is one

Haha oops I thought you were talking about the REC proctors.

[QUOTE=LI_Domer;131376]I always thought the Designated examiners were just clerks that worked at the REC.[/QUOTE]

In Government empolyment speak, they are a “Legal Instrument Examiner” (LIE). There are many LIEs at the NMC and RECs.

No surprises there, we all suspected it…