Designated Examiner Expirations For Mr. Cavo?


I happened to notice that you were the signer on the DE certificates that I currently hold. Why the 2 year renewal?
I took a one day class 1.75 years ago. Now do I have to do it again???
also at


To renew we only need a short letter or e-mail explaining what your experience on towing vessels is since the last approval, e.g. “I have worked regularly for ____ on (routes) since my last approval.” You don’t have to take any courses or repeat any courses.
Approvals are now good for 5 years. You must have got one of the first ones I signed when I started my current job, or one I signed in the old NMC in Arlington, VA when my boss was out. We made the change to 5 years right after I started. The new approval letter is shorter and simpler too, no more pages of checklists, just bullets that say the routes you’re approved for.

E-mail to (the 2nd character is a zero) or regular mail to:
USCG National Maritime Center (NMC-2)
100 Forbes Drive
Martinsburg, WV 25404

We usually turn them around in less than a week, but allow two to be safe, we’ve gotten a ton of them this week.