Becoming a DE

Has anyone been through this process lately ? I submitted the paper work to the email provided using the instructions provided per the nmc website waited the 7-10 business days for a response heard nothing called no answer , left a message no return call. Repeated the process called and called . Heard nothing.

The response time has been slower than usual lately. You should get a reply that your information was received in the next week or two.
I sent something similar in back in November and got a reply that it was received after about 3 weeks. Have not heard anything since…

I haven’t heard a word

It’s an office that oversees the issuance of credentials that aren’t needed or required. It’s like the people who run Dungeons & Dragons or Harry Potter clubs. I can understand why the people who work there lose interest & become less attentive after a while. What’s the point?

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Just curious but I what forms did you submit and where?

Requests for approvals of Designated Examiners (DE), TOAR requests, and Qualified Assessors (QA) should be submitted to the NMC’s Training & Assessment Division via e-mail in PDF format at
Fax to: (304) 433-3408, ATTN: Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)

They have a check list on what to submit I’ll find a link it’s all on the nmc site

@jdcavo any insight on the process ? Backed up ?