Deputy Pilot Pensacola

Just curious, if anybody knows about the level of Port traffic in Pensacola, from my understanding it seems a very low volume port. Could one make a decent living there?

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Based off looking at marine traffic I only see one ship that may require a pilot (stenna lines ro-ro) might have better luck looking at mobile, Gulfport, or Pascagoula if you’re looking for smaller pilot associates.

My family’s been going to the beach in Pensacola for years and I’ve never seen a ship there before

A former shipmate that is retired now did quite well in Pascaquola as a pilot. He built a nice replicar Shelby. Badass car

That is good. Ships are not supposed to be “on the beach”.

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The Stena Ro-Ro is being converted for Blue Origins space program.

Fair enough, but you have to pass over the channel to get to the beach from Alabama and I have never seen much going on.