Florida Deputy Pilot

I am currently working for Moron shipping company (MSC), I am looking to change paths .

I am seeking more information in be coming a deputy pilot in South Florida, I see there’s a test for March 17-18, 2021 but for what port ?

Also anybody have any additional study resources/tips for the Florida Deputy Pilot Exam. I have the bibliography from the board of commissioner’s site but can not find anything else. Are there any schools that offer a prep course? If anyone has recently taken the exam can point me in the right direction.

If you are already on the board of commissioners website, you should be able to see what ports they are testing for. You are going to want to know that since you will need to draw the chart for the exam.

I know several Florida pilots. All told me it was a lot of studying, like thousands of hours of studying, and took several attempts to get the high score.

Good luck.

If you’re looking to take the test this year then you should have began studying 2 years ago.


You will find it here:

It is Palm Beach but the application deadline was December 1, 2020 for testing March 17, 2021…