Definition of "Western Rivers"

Does Bayou Lafourche qualify as “western rivers” as far as a towing endorsement goes? I have master of towing oceans and am curious if I will need to get western rivers to operate out of Fourchon.

No you do not need WR for Fourchon.

Western Rivers is defined in Part A, Rule 3, Inland, pg 11 and a question on the RoR test. A corrected copy of the Rules is also required on the bridge of every vessel to which the rules apply.

We completely missed that definition. We were trying to find it in the back but all we found was the definition of “inland”.

Obviously I had too much time on my hands while I was younger.

However it was good for winning bets with the young Ensigns when they arrived from the Academy. This was handy knowledge because there were a couple of times I never bought a drink and had to be guided back to the ship because I was the funniest man I knew.