Master of Towing Upon Oceans looking to add Western Rivers

I am Having a little bit of trouble understanding the requirements to add western rivers to my master of towing upon oceans. I have gathered that it requires 90 days on the western rivers route as well as completing the non-common elements for the western rivers TOAR. My question is, is there an exam required as well, or just the above requirements?I am looking at old and new information and some of it is conflicting

Any info is appreciated

Pretty sure you just submit your completed TOAR and sea/River service time.

I’m pretty sure that you have to take the exam. You’ll find out when you submit your application.

Yeah I got it clarified, because I hold a license over 200GRT it’s just a matter of time/assessments.

Yeah I got some clarification, they require an exam To add western River’s to master of towing or mate of towing but if holding a license over 200 GRT then it’s just a matter of time and assessments