Please help me understand the reading on my license


I am trying to figure out if I am licensed to work on inland and western rivers. The current issue just reads “upon oceans”. I have earlier issues that read inland waters but the new one doesn’t. Thanks for the help.


I believe that “upon oceans” gives you the right to work on the inland waters and western rivers as well, but there are smarter people around here who can tell you for sure.


I would say yes to the inland and no to the western rivers, but I am really guessing. Mine says Oceans and Western rivers. I don’t know why they would put western rivers on it if Oceans covered it. Even with that I don’t know if I would want to attempt a 60 or 70 barge tow coming downstream at 7 knots in full reverse. Not without some old man there holding my hand telling me everything is going to be alright.


Yes, unless it’s a towing vessel license. To operate a towing vessel on western rivers the license must say it’s valid for western rivers.


It is both Mate 500 GRT Oceans, and MOTV Oceans. So western rivers ok on anything but tug/towboats.
Got it, Thanks Everyone.