Western Rivers

Quick question.

What is a good way to get the Western Rivers endorsement?

I have 3/M oceans, 500 GRT Master Inland, Master Tow, Inland, RADAR/ARPA and TWIC and TOAR as licensed. I do not have WR TOAR or endorsement for any WR route.
I’d like to start my own little boat business on Western Rivers. I need the WR endo. Jobs are tight here and the companies, large and small are not hiring if you don’t already have WR. It’s the old game again. Can’t get the job (or legally drive my own work-boat for hire) on WR without the WR endorsement but can’t get the WR endorsement (90 8hr days plus TOAR for route) without the job. Finding a “designated examiner” is (Still???) impossible. “Why train or help my competition???” Contact info for a DE is still “TOP SECRET” apparently. I can’t work for free or and even so companies don’t want the risk, the trained competition or the hassle. I can’t go back to “school”.
Can I get the 90 days on route “un-inspected” on my own?

So…how to get WR???

Not that you’ll see this reply but for anyone finding this thread on Google:

Master of Towing Inland should be able to apply for Mate of Towing Western Rivers without time or a TOAR. Once you complete 90 days and a TOAR you can get Master of Towing Western Rivers added to your MMC.