Deck Engineer vs QMED?

I got an e-mail from the HR dept today and was told that the QMED positions on the Ocean Phoenix were filled but they may still be interested in me for a “Deck Engineer” position?

What does a Deck Engineer do on a 680ft fish processor? I’m assuming working on the normal deck equipment like windlass’ etc. and for the nets and fishing gear, spools, cranes etc… ???

Wouldn’t this still be considered a “QMED” position and does sailing in this position count as QMED time as far as my MMC?

My MMC QMED is endorsed as a “Deck ‘Engine’ Mechanic” but not Deck ‘Engineer’?? Whats the diff?

At MSC a deck engineer was an unlicensed position. You basically kept deck machinery in operating order. It was also not a job name which the USCG recognized on the MMD. MSC wanted guys with engine ratings on their MMD to do the job, but I think they occasionally promoted wipers to the position too. Whether this situation is the same, I couldn’t tell you. I’m just thinking out loud.

Update: I found out today Deck Engineer is what they are calling their Aux Watch Positions. I guess they just changed the name this season.

Seadog; Even the QMED position(or any QMED for that matter) is considered an unlicensed position. I think the difference is the QMED position is considered a “watchstanding” position but the deck engineer isn’t… I think…??

I’m still confused as to what kind of time I am earning towards my license sailing as this though. I asked about this and here is a clip from the offer letter I got…

“I have filled the QMED positions with 2 candidates that had more work experience than you. I would like to offer you the position of Deck Engineer. Although this will not be a watch standing QMED position, I believe the Captain will write your discharge to match your QMED endorsement.”

What does that mean, “Write your discharge to match your QMED”?? I have the “deck engine mechanic” endorsement so is this considered time sailing under that? Or is QMED time QMED time no matter what??

DISCLOSURE here for the sake of the nice lady over there in HR. She did tell me however that it is up to the Captains discretion and she was not making any guarantees as to what he would write for my time. She was just saying how she [I]thinks it may be.[/I]

Yes, its an unlicenced dayworker position. At MSC, people in this position don’t stand a watch. I don’t know how they run things on the Phoenix, but I’m sure the Capt will accomodate you as far as a discharge for time.

[QUOTE=seadog6608;49480] At MSC, people in this position don’t stand a watch.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like that was the better position then! lol

On the OP the pay was the same for either position also…huh go figure. Sounds like great pay though and… ITS A JOB. I’m taking it and running with it so I can finally get some civilian seatime. Then if I go anywhere from there, I’m gonna head for MSC for a few years to get upgraded on their dime. I may just like it too much to leave though… apparently both CE’s onboard started as 3rd A/Es something like 20 years ago.

Good luck, brother. I was tempted to put in for the 3/M job, but I’m pretty content where I’m at. Let us know how you like it.

From my experience, Aux Watch and Deck Engineer mean Deck’n’eer which means Deck/Engine Utility.

You could spend a part of each day working in each department, Deck and Engine.
A sea day can only be counted towards one.
How is the Captain to decide?
Where did you muster?
Where do you bunk?
Who do you report to?
Who writes your evals?

Get this cleared up before signing a contract if Engine dept time is your priority.
If you need the job and don’t care, sit back and take your chances.

Thanks for the advice seadog. I couldn’t answer any of those bubt being in such need of a job and some recent seatime of any kind I would take the job either way. In fact I already have. I leave Wed morning(the 25th). Plus the amount of pay they are giving me is nothing I would be able to turn down. The promised min day rate is awesome but then they give me a crew share of the catch too so I’m excited to go. The lady also kinda hinted that if I stayed I would next in line for the watchstanding QMED position I want. She claims they open up almost every season. Gonna actually post another thread about this to sea if anyone else has some good advice like you did.

Good luck Daniel. Stay safe and let us know how you make out.

Was this the ship that Ordinary Seaman ( Anthony) was on? anyone remember?

Never mind, it was his ship… I knew it sounded familiar…

Daniel, check out this thread and good luck…

[QUOTE=Shellback;50103]Was this the ship that Ordinary Seaman ( Anthony) was on? anyone remember?

Never mind, it was his ship… I knew it sounded familiar…

Daniel, check out this thread and good luck…[/QUOTE]

Thanks Kelly, I had actually already found it. It is the same ship but I never knew Anthony and it doesn’t look like he’s been around the site lately. I was planning on buggin him with a ton of questions. DPMate was aboard the Ocean Phoenix too but I guess it was over 5 or 6 years ago. I’m getting super excited though! I leave Wed morning!! Still debating if I’m gonna try to schedule an appointment to test for my DDE while in Seattle since the ship won’t leave for a week or two after I get there. Leaning more towards just studying during this season though and testing as soon as I get back in Oct